Why trolley backpacks are better for your kids

April 26,2021

Growing up in a highly competitive environment, children are with higher academic pressure, and their schoolbags are full of textbooks, even extracurricular textbooks and tablets for children. Thereby, the weight of their backpack may account for 30% of their body weight. Of course, this data is my estimation. The following rigorous data will be provided for your reference. In order to reduce the weight of children, many backpack products have emerged, and the one that stands out is the trolley backpack.


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Data evidence

Indo Asian News Service

Indo Asian News Service once published a study showing that children's gait will be affected if they carry bags that exceed 20% of their own body weight.


They did a related investigation. Before the study, they first analyzed the posture of the children's lower limbs and torso when they were walking freely.


In Spain, much more than 40 per-cent of the youngsters make use of cart knapsacks, as well as previously there have actually been actually no studies creating body weight suggestions for this form of backpack, mentioned analysts.


For the purpose of research, they analyzed the movement of children (the posture of the trunk and lower limbs) when they were walking freely. Data Display:

  • Not weight-bearing (10% of their respective body weight)
  • Wearing a traditional backpack (accounting for 15% of their respective body weight)
  • Pull backpack trolleys of different weights at the same time (accounting for 20% of their respective weight).


According to the above data, we found that the lesser impact on children's movement is to pull the backpack and trolley.


The results of the study also showed that when students use carts or backpacks to go to school, their hips and torso have the greatest changes, while the kinematic differences between the knees and ankles are small. The study also confirmed that schoolchildren carrying backpacks to school should avoid bearing more than 10% of their body weight.



Researchers at the University of Granada (UGR) have scientifically proven that trolleys are more beneficial to children's gait than backpacks. Moreover, the trolley causes less damage to the children's backs.


Experiment procedure

Subjects: 78 children from the University of Granada (UGR), including 35 boys and 43 girls, they are between 6 and 12 years old.


Experiment method: 78 children brought their usual backpacks or trolley bags into the school, including the books and teaching materials they must carry every day.


Scientists performed body composition tests on 78 children (several times), and finally determined the percentage of fat and muscle mass. Calculate the weight of the backpack or trolley bag and try to find the relationship between this and the child's weight (BW).


UGR has interviewed some backpackers and trolley users (including elementary school students), information reveal that 97 per-cent of backpackers think their backpack is generally hefty, compared to 85 per-cent of trolley customers that experience the very same, even though the end results of the research advise that the body weight of the trolleys is actually more than bags.


Additionally, 85.7 per-cent of schoolchildren that use a backpack often really feel exhausted when they bring it, compared to 71 per-cent of those who bring a trolley. The incidence of neck and back pain is better in schoolchildren that generally make use of bags to head to institution, which is 43 percent. Just 31 percent of schoolchildren that make use of carts to carry their college component file back pain.


UGR researchers said that the results show that pulling the trolley (if the load is between 10% and 15% of the recommended weight) is more beneficial to them than using a backpack of the same weight.


To sum up

According to the above-mentioned scientific data, for children to go to school, the trolley backpack is more suitable for children and more conducive to their gait. Schoolbags not only affect students' postures when they sit, stand, walk, and walk, but also affect their growth and development. The trolley bag is designed for the new generation of children aged 2-16. From the perspective of the child, it creates a school bag that children love. In this regard, as a trolley backpack supplier, we have some suggestions on choosing a good trolley backpack.


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How to choose a trolley backpack

1. A lever

The focus of a trolley backpack. Parents should pay attention to whether the tie rod is good or bad, whether there are cracks on the tie rod, pay attention to whether the material of the tie rod is strong, and whether its connection in all aspects is firm and stable.


2. Surface workmanship

A good schoolbag must pay attention to the surface workmanship. If the surface of the schoolbag is uneven and has burrs, it can be used by textile digital printer. If the printed pattern is not clear, it means that the workmanship of this schoolbag is very rough.


3. Internal materials

The tightness and uniformity of the stitches in the schoolbag can also reflect the producer's sufficient care. Correspondingly, if the producer is not attentive enough, the stitches are also unsatisfactory. A really good backpack should match the surface of the backpack.


4. Hardware

Although the hardware is mainly used to decorate the backpack, pay attention to check the hardware, like some small stainless steel screws, you can see if the workmanship is fine , But also pay attention to the degree of new and old, there are many poor quality hardware materials are very easy to fade.


5. Thread

It is inevitable that there are open and dark lines in the wiring on the schoolbag, but they must pay attention to the final take-up. The stitched schoolbag should not be cracked due to stitch problems. Parents should pay attention to choosing neat stitches when choosing, and the routing is regular and even.


6. Adhesive

Many schoolbags now want to use surface decorations to attract customers, the adhesive between the decorations and the schoolbag (such as the logo with extra fine glitter bulk on the back of the trolley bag, or The rubber material logo) is also one of the concerns of parents when buying schoolbags. Adhesives with a high degree of adhesion are the standard for good school bags.


7. Zipper

This is also the focus of the trolley backpack. The zipper is broken, which means that your backpack has to be sent for repair. A good zipper should be tightly connected to the schoolbag, and the process of pulling the zipper is also very smooth.


Even if you are an electric motorcycle or a car to pick up your children, the journey from the school gate to the classroom will affect your child’s back. Please consider a trolley backpack, try a custom trolley backpack for your child.