Why Use RPET Products?

May 11,2021

Both a green environment and a healthy life contribute to the purity of the earth we live on. Now there are many products or daily trips in the direction of "zero pollution" or "zero waste" in our lives. For example, lithium electric bike replaces lead-acid battery electric bike, biodegradable bamboo drinking straws, biobased bag etc. For backpacks, they have been made from RPET material.


RPET products



RPET backpack



Maybe you are considering the zero idea, you do not know specific way you can do. In my opinion,what we are well-positioned to do is to start with individual behaviour including the community, shopping, necessary. For example, why not choose a RPET backpack and make your life greener.


As a RPET backpack supplier, Hengyou Bag works for design and manufacturing a wide range of bags. Green products are what we pursue and create in recent years.



RPET fabric


Weaving process

Coke bottle recycling → Coke bottle quality inspection and separation → Coke bottle slicing → spinning, cooling and collecting → making (Recycled PET) yarn → weaving into fabric


RPET fabric classification

  • According to yarn types

Filament fabrics, stretch silk fabrics


  • Staple fabric according to weaving style

RPET polyester cotton fabric, RPET Oxford fabric fabric, RPET filament fabric (lightweight), RPET satin fabric, RPET peach skin fabric, RPET suede fabric, RPET chiffon fabric, RPET stretch silk fabric (lightweight), RPET stretch silk fabric (light and thin), RPET canvas fabric, RPET jacquard fabric, RPET fleece (coral fleece, PV fleece, polar fleece, double-sided fleece, super soft fleece, comfortable cotton fleece), RPET Lixin fabric (non-woven Cloth), RPET conductive cloth (anti-static), RPET knitted fabric (jacket), RPET mesh cloth (sandwich mesh cloth, bird's eye cloth, pique mesh cloth)



The advantage of RPET material



1. Environment protection


The yarn of RPET fabric is extracted from discarded mineral water bottles and cola bottles. The use of waste conforms to the concept of sustainable development, which is beneficial to reduce the generation of waste and better protect the environment.


2. Air pollution reduction and resources saving


Ordinary polyester textile yarn is actually drawn out from petrol, RPET material yarn is actually drawn out coming from containers, PET recycled anecdote may decrease the volume of oil utilized, and each ton of finished PET anecdote can easily spare 6 lots of oil. It has produced a particular contribution to lessen sky contamination as well as manage the greenhouse effect. A plastic bottle (600cc) = 25.2 g carbon decline = 0.52 cc gas saving = 88.6 cc water conserving.



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What items can be made from RPET material



Ice bags, delivery bags, computer bags, cooler bags, backpacks, trolley cases, suitcases, cosmetic bags, pencil cases, camera backpacks, shopping bags, handbags, gift bags, drawstring pockets, medical bags, baby strollers, storage boxes, luggage linings ,etc.;




Down (cold-proof) clothing, swimwear, vests, windbreakers, sportswear, jackets, beach pants, baby sleeping bags, scarves, fashion, conductive overalls, overalls, costumes, shoes and hats, pyjama etc;


Home Textiles


Four-piece bed, backrests, pillows, customized watermelon plush toys, sofa covers, aprons, decorative cloth, raincoats, umbrellas, parasols,curtains,blankets,wiping cloths, etc.;



Such material is made from fibers that were once disposable plastics production.




Exactly how can RPET backpack products gain your organization?


Our team satisfy the demands and needs these days' customers.


Strong procedure, straightforward and controlled across the entire source chain.

100% recycled as well as maintainable, no trade-offs


It performs certainly not matter if your company's primary service is not in fabrics, because the majority of companies for instance are going to possess uniforms used for label awareness.



The amount of our team can save?


Practically every item has a manufacturing procedure that consumes power as well as water, and also makes carbon dioxide discharges and also therefore possesses an environmental impact.


Utilizing R-PET as opposed to frequent rayon our company spare:


  • 70% a lot less Energy
  • 75% less CO2
  • 86% much less Water


Practically every item has a manufacturing procedure that consumes power as well as water, and also makes carbon dioxide discharges and also therefore possesses an environmental impact.


To reduce the rubbish, all of us need to make liable decisions regarding which components to utilize. For instance, if we utilize 5 extra pounds of RPET anecdote to produce cloth our experts may:


Save the amount of greenhouse fuel sent out while steering a crossbreed vehicle for nearly 15 kilometers


Save one full gallon of fuel



Spare good enough water to deliver consuming water to someone for five times




What are the institutions that inspect RPET backpack fabrics?

Oeko-Tex Standard 100, ITS (Intertek Testing Services), GRS Taiwan Environmental Protection Agency, US SGS Environmental Protection Agency.


Where we can buy


We can see from the extensive application of RPET fabrics that the audience of RPET fabrics is very broad. This high audience means that RPET fabrics can be purchased in the textile market of any city, such as some textile cities in Zhengzhou, China, and large and small stalls are wholesale in Keqiao, Shaoxing, so don’t worry about not being able to buy RPET fabrics.



Is RPET fabric expensive


We know this fabric with many advantages, and the price always is influenced by its characteristics.Actually, the raw materials come from discarded beverage bottles, and the price varies from place to place, and it is also affected by the source of purchase.


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💡It's time to use RPET backpack after knowing the countless advantages.The china glitter powderchina cardboard box for perfume manufacturer and others are working hard,for individuals, using RPET products is a good start to make the planet we live in better.