Why Are Backpacks Still Popular?

January 05,2022

At first, people called the backpack a schoolbag, because it was only used by primary and middle school students, and later consumers gradually expanded to adults. But it is mainly used as a travel tool. In this process, people discovered that it has many advantages: practical, large accommodating space, relatively reasonable price, no distinction between high and low user status, and so on. Gradually, it has been widely used on any occasion, especially in the workplace.




As the design of backpacks becomes more and more fashionable, it is used more by young people and professionals nowadays. It is easy for us to see waves of office workers hurrying with backpacks on the streets of big cities. Of course, it is also very popular among the elderly.


With the popularity and fashion of backpacks, girls have begun to have more requirements for backpacks, such as personalization and a sense of class. Therefore, its fabric has also developed from ordinary canvas, Oxford cloth to leather, and its style has developed from simple schoolbags to single and double shoulders and other shapes.


One of the reasons for the renaissance of backpacks is the steady rise of quality of life. The combination of chic outdoor elements or fashionable items and more serious urban elements adds a sense of design. Enough capacity allows it to "advance and retreat freely" in different scenarios.


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