What should men's toiletry bag have in different trips?

March 31,2021

Frequent travel is the daily state of people nowadays, sometimes it is a business trip, sometimes it is a holiday trip. Because we are not used to hotel supplies, we are used to bringing toiletry bags, so for boys, do different travel toiletry bags contain different things?


Finally got out of work and went on a trip. But before happily traveling, preparing luggage is a headache for many people. For many men, it is often more difficult to sort out a toiletry bag that meets the needs of travel. In order to alleviate your travel troubles, we provide you with three types of toiletry bag sorting solutions, so that you can travel freely with your family and friends.


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Toilet bag for mountain camping


Essential items: manual razor, soap, lip balm, carbon cork trekking pole, etc.


When camping in the mountains, the backpack space is limited, so you only need to carry the essentials in the toiletry bag. First of all, in order to keep your face fresh and to better dissipate heat, a razor is indispensable. At the same time, manual razors should be preferred. On the one hand, it can avoid the embarrassment that the electric razor cannot be used because of insufficient power. Can reduce the weight of the backpack. Second, prepare a piece of soap that suits your skin type, which can be used before shaving or rinse, which will kill two birds with one stone. In addition, it is also very important to prepare a lip balm. In the wild, there may be enough sunshine, low temperature, and unable to replenish moisture in time. At this time, a small lip balm can come in handy to prevent chapped lips from becoming a stumbling block in your travels.


Mountain climbing always consumes energy. If the mountain is steep, it is best to bring a climbing rod. Professional climbers will have trekking poles. Although it can be folded, it cannot be placed in a toiletry bag.


Toiletry bag for easide vacation


Essential items: sunscreen, professional shampoo, moisturizing spray, men's metal sunglasses, etc.


When you come to the beach, you naturally want to enjoy the sun. A pair of sunglasses can be said to be standard on the beach. Men often feel that they are not afraid of tanning, so they ignore the steps of sun protection. Due to the reflection of seawater, the intensity of ultraviolet rays at the seaside is relatively high, and proper application of sunscreen can effectively prevent sunburn. Therefore, men who go to seaside vacation must put a waterproof sunscreen in the toiletry bag.


In addition, due to the high amount of salt in seawater, hair is easily damaged after "close contact" with seawater. Therefore, professional shampoo should be used to wash away the salt and reduce hair damage. If the weather at the destination is relatively hot, it is best for men to carry the spray with them to replenish moisture to the skin in time. In addition to the things in the toilet bag, a shaded fisherman bucket hat can effectively shield you from strong sunlight.


Toilet bag for city tour


Essential items: perfume, hair spray or wax, razor, etc.


Naturally, you have to deal with many people during the city trip. Therefore, in order to present yourself in the best state, the items in the toiletry bag should be prepared more adequately. Choose a refreshing and elegant fragrance for men, wear hairspray or wax to make a handsome hairstyle, and take out the best razor to make yourself impeccable. After everything is ready, you can greet a beautiful encounter in a foreign land with a brave and heroic posture.


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There are mainly these types of outings, and some outings are similar, and you can bring them according to the above tips. If you need more suggestions or you are looking for men's toilet bags, you can always contact our toilet bag supplier.