The Proper Way to Wear a Bulk Sling Bag

June 07,2021

The Sling Bag is known as a One Shoulder Backpack or One Strap Bookbag. As the name implies, it is a single-strapped backpack meant to be carried on one shoulder. When carrying the bag on the go, it can be very easy for you to grab your essentials for a variety of zippers and pockets it featured. Generally, as a professional sling bag supplier, the materials of our bags include canvas, chemical fiber, nylon, leather, plush and so on.



Large capacity single shoulder portable USB backpack 


Before you are gong to buy sling bag for a hiking or outgoing, people will be hesitant own one, thinking about whether bulk sling bags are bad for one’s back. The answer is that staying in one position for a long time can strain shoulder muscles. However, this problem can be avoided only if you wear the sling bag properly. 


1. Classic One-Shoulder Method: When carrying the bag on one-shoulder, pay attention to adjust the length of the strap. The strap should not be too long. If it is too long, it will look a little dragged and not very beautiful. The bag should be worn to the waist or waist armpits. This distance is more appropriate.


There is a small tip for woment on wearing a sling bag in a more elegant way.When carrying it on one shoulder, the elbow joint can be slightly bent, and the strap of the bag is placed with your hands. This kind of back method will show the feminine elegance.


2. Cross-back wearing is also a great way: It is more convenient when it is cross-carried as the bulk sling bag will not easily slip off.


Of course, at times, we may have inconvenience in our hands. Then, simply wrap the strap around the arm and before let the bulk sling bag go back on your back, wait until the matter is resolved.


3. Hand-held may not be suitable: Because the shoulder strap of the sling bag is longer than that of the handbag, wear the bulk sling bag on one shoulder is more gracefulthan holding the bag by hands.


4. Exchange the shoulders to wear the sling bag: If you wear the bag in the same posture for a long time, the shoulder muscles will be strained.People who often carry shoulder bags know that if you carry them for a long time, your shoulders will be relatively tired, and gradually, this posture will lead to shoulder asymmetry—high and low shoulders and cause neck and back pain. Thus people who like to wear bulk sling bags can try to carry them on two shoulders