RPET Backpack: The best choice for green living

March 25,2021

What we can do is to start with small behavior and live in a lower-carbon and cleaner "zero waste" world. Choose RPET backpack and make the world better.


 RPET Backpack manufacture


Zero Waste

The various wastes generated in daily life are recovered and recycled to the greatest extent, and the amount of terminal treatment is reduced, so as to achieve zero landfill or zero incineration.


Hengyou Bag, a RPET backpack manufacturer, has been committed to design and manufacture many kinds of bags. Environmentally friendly products are also what we have been working hard to create in recent years. In many years of bag manufacturing, we have exported more than 100 customers around the world.


RPET backpack


RPET Backpack Material

People in the backpack industry have heard about this material. The outer material is constructed of RPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate), also known as the Coke bottle environmental protection cloth, which is woven from recycled PET bottle yarn. A new type of green environmental protection fabric.


Applicable scope of RPET fabric




Computer bags, ice bags, shoulder bags, backpacks, trolley cases, suitcases, cosmetic bags, pencil cases, camera backpacks, shopping bags, handbags, gift bags, drawstring pockets, baby strollers, storage boxes, storage Boxes, medical bags, luggage linings, etc.;


RPET backpack delivery bag 


Home Textiles


Four-piece bed, blankets, backrests, pillows, toys, decorative cloth, sofa covers, aprons, umbrellas, raincoats, parasols, curtains, wiping cloths, etc.; the material is made of fibers that were once disposable plastics production.


Reasons for Choosing RPET


  • The use of petroleum is reduced because plastics, including polyester, are made from petroleum.
  • Recycled plastic products can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 70%
  • The recycled bottle will not reach the ocean in the end.
  • Saving of fossil fuels. It can save 75% in the production process and 5% in the incineration process.
  • A lot of water saving. Recycled polyester consumes 90% less water than conventional polyester.


In this sustainable society, we are very happy that our backpacks use environmentally friendly materials and contribute to environmental protection.


In addition to RPET backpacks, there are many things in life that can be greener. Friends choose biodegradable skewer for picnics to skewer fruits and meat, bring your eco-bags when shopping, choose public transportation for travel, and choose indoor airproof downlight (LED) for lighting. It's what we can do.


If you are planning to get a RPET backpack, we are your choice. After cooperation, you will love our products and serivce. ✉️: Rocky@Hengyoubags.com.