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May 05,2021

RPET backpack, have you heard of it? Actually, I only touched on this word recently, because RPET backpack manufacture is very popular. It is the abbreviation of recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate, and we often call it recycled PET, or R-PET, it is made from recycled plastic (PET) bottles, such as mineral water bottles, coke bottles, etc.






At present, the consumption of PET plastic beverage bottles in my country is very high. PET bottles can be seen everywhere, supermarkets, canteens, subways, and high-speed rail stations can see the drinks and water purchased by scanning codes, and they can be one of the raw materials. The earth has a population of nearly 7.6 billion, and we can generate millions of plastic bottle garbage every day. It is far from enough to rely on garbage dumps or other treatments.


However, our human wisdom is very great, and I have always been amazed at this point. We can always come up with better ideas to solve this problem. We make them into various bags, which can reduce the use of some raw materials (such as last year’s non-woven bags. Non-woven materials are in short supply and the price has doubled. We can provide our end users with bags made of cola bottles), and provide a greener life for the inhabitants of the earth.


These bottles, which we consider to be inconspicuous, are collected and sent to recycling facilities, and through some procedures, they become a masterpiece. In this way, we come to save the planet that has been polluted and destroyed by us.


Contemporary people should change their ideas and reconsider how we can maximize the value of our precious resources and make them environmentally friendly.


In addition to backpacks, people have also thought of many ways to make the earth more environmentally friendly. Large cities have fully implemented garbage classification, peeled small white taros at home may be transformed into new resources. People have made improvements to electric motorcycles in travel, and the more environmentally friendly chinese electric sport motorcycle with lithium batteryto replace lead-acid batteries is unstoppable. Biodegradable toothpick enters human house. Many manufacturers are also creating greener products, such as iridescent glitter powder, anti-glare recessed downlight industries and so on.


RPET bags can be manufactured like:


RPET backpack

RPET backpack manufacture


RPET bags

can you do RPET backpack manufacture


RPET delivery bag

RPET backpack manufacture in delivery


Just how can RPET backpack products help your company?


Our team assist you to make your brand and track record even more lasting:


  • Sound process, straightforward as well as measured across the whole supply source establishment.
  • Our team fulfill the demands and requirements of today's customers.
  • 100% recycled and sustainable, no concessions.


REPT backpack products can easily strengthen your durability purposes and also CSR functionality. It does not matter if your company's center service is actually not in textiles, due to the fact that most providers for instance will certainly possess outfits utilized for brand name recognition.


With bags, backpacks... made from Hengyou, you can easily inform your individuals the amount of precisely they have actually saved in water and also energy usage along with the outfits that they are actually putting on! Let them join the green party!


Just how much our experts can conserve?


Practically every product possesses a production method that takes in electricity and water, and also creates co2 emissions and because of this possesses an environmental effect.


Making use of R-PET as opposed to frequent polyester our company spare:


  • 86% a lot less water
  • 75% a lot less CO2
  • 70% much less energy


To lower the waste, most of us must help make accountable decisions concerning which materials to make use of. For example, if our experts make use of 5 extra pounds of RPET anecdote to help make fabric our company can:


  • Spare one complete quart of gasoline.
  • Spare the quantity of green house fuel released while steering a combination car for virtually 15 miles.
  • Spare sufficient water to supply consuming water to a single person for five times!


People should lessen, recycle and also recycle as high as achievable!


How do we deal with used pet bottles?


How PET bottles be into RPET backpack? What can we do? PET bottles can be visible anywhere, their best place is to enter the recycling bin, where they will achieve a magical transformation from waste to wearable.


The recycling of waste PET bottles can not only reduce environmental pollution, but also turn waste into treasure: one ton of recycled PET yarn = 67,000 plastic bottles.


Normally, before starting, you need to separate the bottle cap and the label on the bottle. They have different characteristics from the bottle body.


After washing, smash clean PET bottles into bottle flakes, it becomes PET chips after reproduction, than manufacture to fibers, weave RPET yarn. The final result is a valuable backpack. You can use yarn to make different types of bags.


Before product packaging, RPET backpack manufacture is in good guarantee, they will be tested by a garment metal detector for fabrics to ensure that there are no metal debris impurities or broken needles, safeguard your safety.


Remember, do not target environmental protection as a slogan, please take an action immediately! RPET plays a top important role in environmental protection and energy reduction, it is a nice eco-friendly expert.