Is your riding pannier bag ready?

April 08,2021

Outdoor activity is a healthy lifestyle that people pursue nowadays. After life and work, breathe fresh air to make oneself healthier and freer. If you see that their bikes are equipped with pannier bags, this is a cycling activity.


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Cycling is a healthy and natural way of sports tourism, which can fully enjoy the beauty of the journey. A bicycle, a pannier bag can travel, simple and environmentally friendly. Experience the challenges in the constant difficulties, and experience the success at the end of the journey. Before cycling, the preparations must be in place, bicycle bag, cycling glasses, water, etc.


Bicycle bag manufacturing in different appearance

Many cyclists will bring pannier bags, but the pannier bag we generally say refers to the rear pannier bag, which can be divided into front pannier bag and rear pannier bag, that is, front shelf bag, rear shelf bag, and other names, such as front side hanging The bag and the rear side bag are divided. Both front and rear, need shelf support. The front shelf is relatively rare, and the front pannier bag is also rare.


Generally speaking, the front pannier bag is smaller and more refined, and the rear pannier bag is generally larger. This is determined by the characteristics of riding. If the front wheel receives too much force, the handling will be affected and the driving safety will be affected. Therefore, the former pannier bag is designed to be a little more compact, and the capacity and size to find a balance point are generally about 10-12L, which is more common.


In terms of binding method, pannier bag is generally divided into strap type and buckle type

It can be divided into strap type and buckle type pannier bag. Strap-type pannier bags generally use elastic cords or magic tapes, which are generally used for sewing pannier bags; buckle-type pannier bags are fixed on the frame with hanging buckles, and the whole bag is hardly tied. With such a pannier bag, it is generally more common to use on a fully waterproof pannier bag.


Pannier bag style

The style of pannier bag is best to separate dry and wet, with external net bag design style. In this way, if you pass through the running water area and your clothes and shoes are wet, you can store wet shoes, clothing, or helmets. A simple design may be a guarantee of practicality and durability.


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The fully waterproof bicycle pannier bag has obvious advantages, that is, it is resistant to scratches and abrasion, and waterproof, so it will not enter water for not too long after being soaked in water. The advantage of the roll-up style is that it is completely isolated from water. As long as the roll-up is correct, the pannier bag will not seep if it is completely immersed in the water tank. However, fish and bear's paws are not compatible. The disadvantage of the roll-up style is that it is relatively troublesome to retrieve a little. Therefore, cyclists need to think about the arrangement of their luggage, placing them on the bottom layer not commonly used, and placing the luggage they often take on the top. If you ride for a long distance, this kind of trouble is worth the burden. After all, the weather changes along the way, and the strong waterproof performance is standard. Besides, the pannier bag is responsible for most of the luggage storage, but other small bags can be hung on the bicycle. This kind of small bag can store frequently used items in urgent need. The function of such a waterproof pannier bag is simpler.



In any case, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant fabrics can deal with all kinds of scratches and accidents, and can ensure the integrity of the bag. The choice of fabrics becomes the top priority. For example, corresponding to scratch resistance, the D number of the fabric must be guaranteed, and the double-sided adhesive surface has a grid or thick line stripes in the middle, which is a solution.


Consider the environment

For outdoor riding in different areas, consider the use of polar environments such as high temperature and extreme heat and low temperature freezing. Normally, riding at 50 degrees is relatively rare, but riding on snow is a lot, but it is not recommended to use a bicycle pannier bag when the outdoor temperature is below -20 degrees. There is a greater risk. Generally speaking, there are two kinds of fully waterproof materials, one is pvc mesh cloth, the other is nylon laminated tpu, the former is cold-resistant at -20 degrees, the latter is about -40 degrees, and the pvc mesh cloth has a lower melting point. Generally, it is about 60-70 degrees, and the melting point of nylon laminated tpu is higher, and it is generally above 90-100 degrees. Therefore, in polar environments, nylon laminated tpu fabrics are more durable. However, in terms of service life at room temperature, pvc mesh cloth is more durable because its degradation rate is much slower.


By the way, if your riding area needs to face wind and sand or cold weather, you need to wear a mask and ear protection. When purchasing, you should generally pay attention to whether it is breathable and the tightness of the edge. If the sand is not too big, high standard FFP2 mask is also useful.


Bicycle pannier bag hanging buckle

The buckle of the bicycle pannier bag is very important. A stable pannier bag is a must for long-distance riding. If something goes wrong halfway, it will affect the mood at least, and cause an accident in severe cases. For example, when the hanging buckle is broken and cannot be repaired, you can only bind the pannier bag with a rope, and it will bring about constant large shock amplitude, which greatly affects the mood and accelerates the loss of energy.


Positioning buckle for difficult to disassemble accessories

The positioning buckle, the positioning buckle and the hanging buckle constitute the entire fixing system, that is, three points can fix a plane, the hanging buckle two points plus the lower positioning buckle and one point, forming a triangle. Both the hanging buckle and the positioning buckle can be adjusted. The large ones are suitable for all kinds of models, and most of the models can be matched, which greatly improves the efficiency of the pannier bag.


In the process of use, the positioning buckle bears the power support of one of the three points, so there can be no mistakes. In reality, the phenomenon of missing parts, screws and nuts of the positioning buckle often occurs, mainly when you twist loose, the parts are separated , Easy to lose. Now this second-generation dragon claw is designed to be twisted loose, but the parts cannot be separated, which guarantees the risk of losing parts when removed during long-distance use.


The firmness of the hanging buckle and positioning buckle determines the suspension level of the pannier bag. There are many ways of hanging buckles, all of which are rotary hooking methods. Either metal or injection molding, external hooking, or reverse hooking, but as long as the transmission point of the force is weak when the vehicle shakes during driving, There are hidden dangers, so when designing, how to avoid risks and strengthen the weak links of the design is a necessary level for an excellent fastener. The second generation of Dragon Claw is an injection-molded hanging buckle with reverse hooking method. In this regard, a more complete design improvement has been made to enhance the practical value of the buckle.


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Other considerations

In addition, pay attention to wearing cycling glasses when riding. In addition to the common functions of general sports glasses, its function of blocking ultraviolet radiation deserves special attention. Although ordinary full metal sunglasses can also block ultraviolet rays and strong light,  it does not have the protection function because of its relatively casual shape. Wind and foreign objects are not as effective as riding glasses.


Cycling socks and cycling shoes

The breathability and abrasion resistance of cycling socks are higher than ordinary sport socks, which can reduce the side effects of constant pedaling on the soles of the feet. Many people think that sports shoes is also available, because it can cushion the shock during exercise, but its midsole is soft, which is not only It doesn't save effort, but more effort, so it is best to buy cycling shoes.


Outdoor portable power bank

If you are riding outdoors for multiple days, it is recommended to bring outdoor portable power bank, this will not allow you to ride for multiple days I feel annoyed because there is no electricity, and even can bring light to your night light at night.


The pannier bag is of great significance for cyclists to riding, and the choice of pannier bag will have an important impact on the journey. It's time to look for a nice pannier bag factory who can provide you with professional advice.