How to Celebrate Easter in Western Country

April 19,2022

Easter is the first Sunday after the full moon of the spring equinox. This is a very important festival in Christianity. It is the day to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Every country will carry out activities to celebrate. The most common symbols are Easter eggs and Easter rabbits. So you know how to celebrate Easter? Easter activities what is it?


How is Easter celebrated?




✔️Painting eggs


You can buy an egg carton during Easter month at almost any supermarket. Boil some eggs and let your kids decorate them for Easter. Usually you get different colored dyes in different cups. Eggs will become colorful under the coating of paint. Make sure your kids wear old clothes when decorating the eggs, otherwise the kids will get really messy.


✔️Hunt for easter eggs


Parents prepare Easter eggs to hide at home, and organize children to look for them. Whoever finds Easter eggs will receive gifts and blessings from the whole family. Most communities organize a large Easter event to invite you and your family. Of course, the venue for the event has also expanded to include the entire community.


✔️Provide Easter baskets


Easter baskets are an important Easter tradition. Little kids love waking up to baskets full of Easter items. You can buy baskets at department stores near the holidays. Fill it with small gifts like candy and small toys. If you're a devout religious believer, try stuffing a bible in it. Snacks don't have to be unhealthy. If you want your kids to have healthy snacks, put fresh fruit in their Easter baskets. You can also offer small toys instead of gifts like small plastic animals or small stuffed animals.


✔️Make bunny themed baked goods


Easter bunnies are an exciting part of Easter for kids. Make toast like a bunny. This can get kids excited about the holidays. You can make crumbled sugar cookies with a bunny-shaped cookie cutter. Bake three cinnamon rolls. Glue the two pieces together to form a snowman-like body and cut the other half in half. Place two halves on one end of a cinnamon roll to make bunny ears, then whiten your bunny with cream cheese frosting. You can use chocolate or blueberry eyes.


Of course, there are other activities for Easter, if you want to know more, please feel free to contact us.


What is the event at Easter?


✔️Easter activities are: parade and egg contest


In most Western countries, Easter is generally held in a grand religious procession. The marchers wore robes, held crosses, and marched barefoot. They dressed as Christian historical figures and sang carols to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Today, the festival parade has lost the strong religious color of the past. The festival parade is full of festive atmosphere, with strong folk and local characteristics.


In the United States, there are clowns in cowboy clothes and stilts in the parade, as well as the lively and cute cartoon character Mickey. In the United Kingdom, the parade is mainly to introduce the local history and customs. The marchers disguised themselves as Scottish bagpipe bands and palace guards, attracting many tourists. The arrival of Easter also makes people change into new clothes one after another.