Do I need invest in a bag for my laptop?

September 16,2021

Do I need invest in a  bag for my laptop? The answer is yes. The purpose of the laptop bag is to protect the computer, and a good school bag can reduce the burden on your back. A chip scoop supplier needs to bring a computer when going outside to attract investment, so how to choose the right computer bag?


laptop bag


Right model

The most important thing to buy a computer bag is the right model. It is necessary to give the notebook the most suitable matching protection space, which improves the shock resistance of the machine, and the notebook computer will not dangle in the bag.



The toughness of the laptop bag. At present, the weight of mainstream notebooks is around 2.2KG, so the most important thing to pay attention to is the materials and workmanship of the notebook bag. Ordinary laptop bags are naturally incapable of long-term heavy-duty use, and an accident may cause fatal damage to your laptop. Therefore, the material of the bag that contains it must first be high-quality, otherwise, after your bag has been used for a period of time, it will start to appear frying lines, loose hooks on the shoulder strap, etc., an accident, the valuable laptop inside may be Will encounter fatal injuries. High-quality laptop bags must undergo rigorous product testing in all aspects before they leave the factory. For example, the metal buckle of the laptop bag has to undergo repeated tensile tests and load tests, and the plastic products selected have also undergone hardness tests. Yes, because the plastic that is too hard in a cold area will burst, causing a lot of trouble to the product.


If you go out on a rainy day or accidentally spill a glass of drink, if the bag has good waterproof performance, we can sit back and relax when we encounter these accidents. Therefore, the laptop bag is to look at the waterproof: the most important thing about the laptop bag is the waterproof, because the laptop is purchased for the convenience of mobile office.


shoulder laptop bag


Is it better to choose a laptop bag or shoulders?

The backpack protects the notebook better than the shoulder bag.


Because the backpack fixes the notebook on the back, it effectively reduces the collision of the notebook and reduces the sloshing of the notebook. The shoulder bag puts the notebook on the side of the body and cannot be properly fixed. It is easy to cause bumps when the notebook is swayed when walking. Although there is a sponge foam in the notebook bag to reduce the shock and reduce the substantial damage, the bumps can damage the notebook. 


The laptop is heavier. If you carry it by hand, your hands or shoulders will be sore in the long run, and the backpack will reduce a certain amount of weight.


In addition, if the shoulder bag is a messenger bag style, it can actually be fixed on the back, and because the shoulder bag is more complicated than the shoulder bag, it uses more materials, which leads to high costs and high prices. Therefore, the choice of a computer bag depends on your actual needs.


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