Classification of Waist Bags

July 06,2022

In terms of volume, bodypacks can be divided into three levels:


waist bag


  1. Small waist bag: waist bags with a volume of fewer than 3 liters belong to small waist bags


Small waist bags can be used as close-fitting waist bags: they are mainly used to hold silver, as well as valuable items such as ID cards and bank cards. This kind of waist bag is more suitable for work, business trips, and daily applications. It is tied inside the coat without showing mountains and dew. The anti-theft function is naturally the best. The disadvantage is that the volume is small and there are too few things.


  1. Medium waist bag: those with a volume between 3 liters and 10 liters can be classified as medium waist bags


The medium-sized waist bag is the most widely used outdoor waist bag. It has many kinds and powerful functions and can be used to load large objects such as cameras and kettles. It is the preferred type of Bodypack when participating in outdoor activities.


  1. Large waist bag: a waist bag with a volume of more than 10 liters is a large waist bag


This kind of waist bag is more suitable for one day's outdoor activities and daily life alone. Due to their large size, most of these waist bags are equipped with single shoulder straps, and some brands of large waist bags are also equipped with double shoulder straps.


The above three types are the volume classification of waist bags, and the volume of things you need to carry can be determined according to the volume of the bag. We should also choose the size of the outdoor mountaineering waist bag according to our outdoor sports.


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