Characteristics of Nylon Backpacks

August 03,2022

Travel bags are mostly used in outdoor conditions, so the requirements for waterproof, breathable, lightweight, strong and wear-resistant performance of bags are relatively high. The material properties of nylon fabrics are just in line with the requirements of travel bags for fabrics. Therefore, nylon fabrics have become an ideal fabric choice when customizing travel bags.


Nylon is the first synthetic fiber to appear in the world, and nylon is a term for polyamide fiber (nylon). Nylon fabrics have superior performance and have the following characteristics:


nylon backpacks


Characteristics of nylon backpacks


  1. Good wear resistance


The abrasion resistance of nylon fabric ranks first among all kinds of fabrics, and it is many times higher than other fiber fabrics of similar products, so it has excellent durability. Travel bags are mostly used in outdoor environments, and the good wear resistance of the fabric can ensure that the travel bag is more durable and not easy to wear during use.


  1. Good air permeability


The hygroscopicity of nylon fabrics is relatively good among synthetic fiber fabrics, so travel bags made of nylon fabrics are more comfortable and breathable than those made of other synthetic fiber fabrics, which can improve the comfort experience of travel bags.


  1. Good portability


Nylon is a lightweight fabric. Under the condition of the same density, the weight of nylon fabric will be lighter than other fabrics. Therefore, the weight of the travel bag made of nylon fabric should also be smaller, which can make it easier to carry the travel bag.


  1. Good elasticity, tensile and compressive properties


Nylon fabric has excellent elasticity, tensile and compressive properties, and can have more elastic space when storing luggage, which can expand the body of the bag, and the fabric is not easy to break and deform, which is convenient for storing more luggage.


  1. Good waterproof and easy to clean


Nylon fabric itself does not have waterproof effect, but after being treated with waterproof coating, it also has a good waterproof effect. Use a nylon travel bag with a waterproof coating outdoors. If it rains, you don't have to worry about the contents of the bag getting wet. Nylon fabric is very easy to clean, and the washing requirements are not high. If the body of the bag is accidentally dirty, it is better to clean and take care of.