Characteristics And Types Of Outdoor Backpacks

March 22,2022

With the rapid development of outdoor activities, the carrying equipment of outdoor sports, which is commonly known as outdoor backpack, also shows diversity, professionalization and humanization. With the gradual increase of outdoor sports involved, we are exposed to more and more types of outdoor backpacks.


This paper introduces several types of outdoor backpacks.




Climbing Backpack


It is used for climbing ice and snow rock terrain in medium and high altitude mountains. The main features of the backpack are rugged, wear-resistant and waterproof, compact structure design, convenient access to and placement of items, professional plug-in setting and stable carrying, etc. It is also called technical climbing backpack.


As a climbing activity needs to carry much climbing equipment, it is generally necessary to carry several backpacks with different capacities, such as piggyback, traveling backpack and top punching backpack. In addition, daily rock climbing activities also need to carry equipment and special backpacks for ropes.


Hiking Backpack


It is used for walking through jungle, mountain and other terrain. The main features of this backpacks are solid, wear-resistant, waterproof, large capacity, complete backpack system, more external hanging points, etc. This category accounts for about 80% of the outdoor sports group. It is the category with the most users, and it is also the category that needs to be discussed this time.


Ice And Snow Backpack


It is for ice and snow sports. The backpacks’ main features are strong, wear-resistant and waterproof, compact and lightweight, simple structure, the strong external hanging binding force, etc., and there are special snowboarding and other ski tools to be bound and fixed.


In The End


Of course, there are other types of backpacks, such as riding backpacks. If you want to buy a backpack, HengYou bag Co., Ltd is an ideal choice, which can guarantee the backpack quality.