Advantages and Disadvantages of Non-Woven Storage Boxes

June 21,2022

The advantages of non-woven storage boxes are practical and beautiful, easy to carry, and have a certain decorative effect. The disadvantage is that the life of the non-woven fabric is not very long and cannot be washed with water. details as follows:


Non-woven storage box


Advantages: The non-woven storage box is practical and beautiful, and it is easy to carry. Most of them are large prints, with various styles of cartoon boxes. The colors are combined with furniture. The double-opening design improves practical convenience. The large-capacity and large-space design can store quilts, bedding, clothing, toys and other household daily necessities. While making full use of the space, it also has a certain decorative effect.


Disadvantages: Compared with woven fabrics, non-woven fabrics do not last as long. In addition, the non-woven storage box cannot be washed with water. Washing is usually accompanied by rubbing and rubbing. Rubbing will cause the non-woven fabric to deform and shorten its life. It can only be wiped with a damp cloth.


Non-woven storage box cleaning method


  1. Take out the cardboard from the storage box. If there are openings on the side of the storage box, the cardboard on the side of the prize can be easily taken out. If the cardboard cannot be taken out, it can be cut along the interface line at the appropriate position on the edge. If the cardboard is sewn dead, it is more troublesome and fragile to get it out, and after washing it out, you may need to find some replacements for the damaged cardboard and insert it into the interlayer of the storage box. If it is other hard materials that are not afraid of water, you do not need to take them out and can be washed directly.


  1. In a large basin or bathtub, put laundry detergent, add an appropriate amount of water, put in the storage box from which the cardboard was drawn, gently scrub, press, and do not rub, because it is said that non-woven fabrics are easily deformed by rubbing. I flattened and washed the storage box according to the creases when I bought it, which kept the original creases and shapes well.


  1. Then wash the storage box with clean water, do not wring out or spin dry.


  1. It is difficult to dry the cleaned storage box flat. It is best to keep the original creases and shapes, and try not to appear new folds.