Characteristics of Nylon Backpacks

August 03,2022

Travel bags are mostly used in outdoor conditions, so the requirements for waterproof, breathable, lightweight, strong and wear-resistant performance of bags are relatively high. The material properties of nylon fabrics are just in line with the requirements of travel bags for fabrics. Therefore, nylon fabrics have become an ideal fabric choice when customizing travel bags.


How to Choose Makeup Bag?

July 19,2022

When choosing a cosmetic bag, you should choose a delicate and compact appearance, because since it is a carry-on bag, the size should be appropriate, and it is generally recommended to use 18cm × The size within 18cm is the most appropriate, and the side should be a little wide so that all items can be put into it, and it can be put into the big bag without being cumbersome. In addition, the following aspects should be selected:


Classification of Waist Bags

July 06,2022

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Non-Woven Storage Boxes

June 21,2022

The advantages of non-woven storage boxes are practical and beautiful, easy to carry, and have a certain decorative effect. The disadvantage is that the life of the non-woven fabric is not very long and cannot be washed with water. details as follows:


Key Points for Lunch Bag

June 08,2022

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How to Choose An Outdoor Bag

May 23,2022

In addition, the style and comfort of the backpack should be tried in person before choosing one. Avoid touching the frame or the top pocket when raising your head, all parts of the backpack that touch your body must have sufficient soft padding, and the inner frame and stitching of the backpack should be strong. Pay special attention to the thickness and quality of the shoulder straps, as well as checking if there are sternum straps, waist straps, shoulder straps, etc. and their adjustment straps, etc.


How to Use Lunch Bag?

May 09,2022

Lunch bags are similar to environmental protection bags, which can also be said to be a kind of shopping bag. However, lunch bags are the most lightweight Mini bags that can place more items, especially favored by professionals in the office or office. So what should we pay attention to when using the lunch bag?


How to Celebrate Easter in Western Country

April 19,2022

Easter is the first Sunday after the full moon of the spring equinox. This is a very important festival in Christianity. It is the day to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Every country will carry out activities to celebrate. The most common symbols are Easter eggs and Easter rabbits. So you know how to celebrate Easter? Easter activities what is it?


What Can Outdoor Backpack Do for you?

April 07,2022

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, a quality outdoor backpack will be a good investment. It can bring you many unexpected benefits. If you're looking to buy the right outdoor backpack, we look forward to being your first choice.


Characteristics And Types Of Outdoor Backpacks

March 22,2022

With the rapid development of outdoor activities, the carrying equipment of outdoor sports, which is commonly known as outdoor backpack, also shows diversity, professionalization and humanization. With the gradual increase of outdoor sports involved, we are exposed to more and more types of outdoor backpacks.